Please keep me informed about the 2018 Wesak Preparation Workshop! 

Did you ever wonder why you fall into undesired and unanticipated situations or circumstances seemingly over and over? Considering that most of humanity is raised to have magical thinking instead of being taught how to create a magical life, it is not really a surprise but instead something we can actually count on happening to us ...again and again.  

There is a way to step into a Magical Reality but it all starts with unlearning almost everything we have come to view as "the way it works". This 2-day online audio conference workshop will assist you to step into the energies and vibrational frequencies required to retrain your mental mind to stop creating the magical thinking that keeps us in the dark - literally not just figuratively in terms of our ability to ground and encode higher light frequencies within us. 

It all starts with letting go of our addiction to the mental mind the way the Ascended Masters and Beings of the Fifth Dimension of the Inner Earth have already achieved. In this workshop we will connect directly to that wisdom and receive the Divine Language Network Light Encodingsm we all need so that we can learn to become more like them. 

For this WESAK of 2018, there is no better way to prepare deeper to bring in and hold the Higher Spiritual Light Quotient within.

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